3 Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors

3 Bathroom Safety Tips for SeniorsAs we age, we start to require more assistance with day-to-day activities, and bathing is at the top of the list. Bathrooms become slippery when wet, which can be hazardous for homeowners who struggle with poor eyesight and muscle weakness. Bathroom slips and falls are incredibly dangerous, which is why you should prioritize bathroom safety and accessibility. Here are our top bathroom safety tips for seniors and those who plan on aging in place.

1.  Consider a Walk-In Shower

Bathtubs and showers with high thresholds make it easier for you to trip and fall. Walk-in showers have low thresholds that make entering and exiting your shower a breeze. There are also countless bathroom safety products that can be added to walk-in showers, which can make your bathing experience even safer.

2. Install Bathroom Safety Products

Our next bathroom safety tip can help prevent you from slipping: Install bathroom safety products. There is a huge selection of safety accessories to choose from, including:

  • Handrails and grab bars
  • In-shower seating
  • Non-slip flooring

3. Add Light Fixtures

It can be difficult to navigate your bathroom in the dark—especially when there are many nooks and crannies. Bright lighting can transform your bathroom into a space that is easy to move around in, even at night.

Make Your Bathroom a Safe Space

Now that we’ve gone through our top bathroom safety tips, you may be ready to get started with your bathroom remodel. If you’re looking at different aging-in-place bathroom designs for your home, Jacuzzi Bath Remodel of Arizona can help. Call us today to learn about our offerings.

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