What are Some Cost-Effective Bathroom Remodeling Projects?

What Are Some Cost-Effective Bathroom Remodeling Projects?

White bathtub set inside a beige bathroom wall with dark wood floors.When you first think of a bathroom remodeling project, you may picture a long, expensive installation process with workers coming in and out of your home for days on end. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are many ways you can change the look of your bathroom yourself.

Low-Cost Bathroom Projects You Can Undertake

There are many easy and convenient bathroom remodeling projects you can undertake to create a warmer, more relaxing environment in your bathroom. And some may not even require a contractor!

Here are a few simple ideas to switch up the scenery in your home’s bathroom:

1. Change out your knobs and drawer handles

One of the easiest ways to add a personal touch to your bathroom is by installing new knobs and handles. Doing so can add a splash of color or a metal finish to your space.

2. Switch up your lighting

Another effective way to switch up your bathroom’s look is to switch out your current light fixtures for new ones. You could also replace your basic white lightbulbs with colored bulbs.

3. Paint your walls

This will be a bit more difficult than the bathroom remodeling ideas above but repainting the walls in your bathroom can make a huge difference in its overall appearance.

At the end of the day, if your goal is to change the appearance of your bathroom without too much work, then these quick at-home projects can do the trick. But there are many other cost-effective bathroom remodeling projects that can be completed by contractors that may be worth your while.

Turn to the Professionals

If you’d like a larger return on investment and an overall more updated bathroom, then you may want to consider a bath remodel. This includes replacing your bathtub or shower with an entirely new bathing solution—a job that should be left to the professionals.

There is no limit as to what can be accomplished during a bath remodel, but a few options are:

  • Walk-in shower installation
  • Jetted tub installation
  • Tub-to-shower conversion

Because this style of remodel is not a full bathroom remodel, it is much more cost-effective. Full remodels include the replacements of vanities, sinks, toilets, and more, while a bath remodel simply replaces your current bathtub or shower.

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