How to Choose a Bathtub for Your Bathroom

How to Choose a Bathtub for Your BathroomBubbles, books, and your beverage of choice—you’re ready for an epic bath. The only thing missing? The perfect bathtub! Whether you consider yourself to be a bathtub connoisseur or your daydreams of owning a luxury tub are starting to get out of hand, there’s a bathtub for everyone. The trick is finding one that meets all of your aesthetic expectations and, more importantly, your lifestyle. In this guide, we’re sharing some of our favorite shopping tips for homeowners in the market for a bathtub remodel. 

What Is the Purpose of Your Tub?

While this may seem like a strange question, the way you answer will help you decide what kind of tub to get for your bathroom. For example, if you are someone who wants a tub for relaxation, you may want to consider splurging on a jetted tub. Whereas, if you’re someone who is looking for a safer bathing option, a walk-in tub may be a better fit. Don’t be afraid to accessorize, too! Some bathtub designs can be customized with grab bars, slip-resistant flooring, headrests, underwater lighting, etc.

Aesthetic Appeal vs. Maintenance

Choosing a material for your new bathtub can also help you make a confident decision. Traditional materials, such as cast iron, porcelain, or ceramic, are beautiful but require a lot of upkeep. Modern materials, such as acrylic or fiberglass, are a better fit for homeowners with pets or kids as maintenance is a breeze and these tubs are designed to last.

We hope this guide helps you find the perfect bathtub! For more assistance, feel free to contact the pros at Jacuzzi Bath Remodel of Arizona.

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