Top 3 Reasons to Replace Your Tub

Top 3 Reasons to Replace Your TubHow do you prepare for a relaxing bath? For many, it includes candles, bubbles, Epsom salts, a glass of wine, a book, or a tablet for streaming favorite shows. While taking a bath might look different for everyone, it remains a popular relaxation technique that homeowners continue to practice nationwide. If you are one of these people, then you also know that when it comes to drawing a bath, the actual tub defines the experience. So, ask yourself this: Is it time to upgrade your bathtub? Here are the top three reasons to replace your tub:

1. It’s Damaged

Cracks, craters, and stains are not a good look for any tub. Not only are these signs of damage, but they are unsightly and can take away from your overall relaxing bathing experience. A cracked bathtub, in particular, can also lead to water damage and other expensive repairs down the road.

2. It’s Outdated & Uncomfortable

Builder-grade bathtubs are not ergonomically designed, cutting your bathing rituals short before you can actually hit peak relaxation. Replacing your bathtub with a more comfortable, contemporary model can greatly enhance your bathing experience.

3. It’s Not Meeting Your Aging-in-Place Needs

For those with mobility issues or who are planning for the future, a standard bathtub may be cause for concern. Upgrading to a walk-in bathtub is great way to facilitate aging-in-place needs. Designed with low thresholds, grab bars, and chair-height seating, these tubs offer a safer and more comfortable way to bathe.

Ready to start benefiting from exceptional baths? Jacuzzi Bath Remodel of Arizona offers one-day bathtub replacements to Arizona homeowners in need of an upgrade. For more information about our customizable bathtubs and walk-in tubs, contact us today!

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