Top Benefits of Walk-In Showers

The Top 3 Benefits of Walk-In Showers

Top Benefits of Walk-In ShowersYou’re on the hunt for a shower replacement but don’t know which shower model to choose. Do you go with a standard configuration? Or should you invest in a walk-in shower? If the words safety, convenience, modern/contemporary style, or low maintenance come to mind, a walk-in shower just might be the perfect option for your bathroom remodel. And in this article, we’re going to prove it by sharing the top benefits of these unique, low-entry shower systems:

1. Safety & Accessibility

Stepping over a high tub wall or lipped shower threshold can be dangerous, especially for clumsy individuals or those who have a limited range of mobility. If slip scares and bruised shins are a common theme in your morning or evening bathroom rituals, switching to a walk-in shower could be the safer solution you need. They feature non-slip surfaces and a low threshold, making them a great aging-in-place bathroom solution.

2. Easy Cleaning

Scrubbing down shower tiles isn’t a fun way to spend your free time. Walk-in showers are a more convenient option, thanks to wall surrounds that don’t collect or promote mildew and mold growth.

3. Contemporary Designs

Walk-in showers have the unique ability to make your cramped and outdated bathroom feel spacious. Featuring a seamless, contemporary design, these systems create the illusion of a larger bathroom by connecting the ultra-low shower basin with the bathroom floor.

Ready to enjoy these walk-in shower benefits? Reach out to Jacuzzi Bath Remodel of Arizona today to learn more about our shower and bath systems.

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