Top 3 Reasons to Convert Your Tub to a Shower

Reasons to Convert Your Tub to a ShowerBathtubs: Just because they exist, doesn’t mean you need one in your home. If this statement comes as a surprise to you, you’re not alone! Bathtubs have been a bathroom staple for centuries. However, many modern trends are starting to forgo the tub—replacing it with a walk-in shower system. From style to safety, these showers have more benefits than traditional tubs. To prove it, we’ve listed the top three reasons why homeowners are continuing to convert their tubs into showers:

1. Less Maintenance

Homeowners agree, when it comes to cleaning the bathroom, bathtubs are the most difficult to scrub down and keep clean. They’re awkwardly shaped, making it near impossible to effectively disinfect the basin, and they’re great at collecting soap scum. Showers, on the other hand, require little maintenance. And if you choose a glass shower door and shower surrounds, you might be able to eliminate the weekly chore altogether.

2. Improved Bathroom Accessibility

The most common places to fall in a home are the stairs, living room, and bathroom! If safety is a big concern of yours, equip your bathroom with products that cater to accessibility. Walk-in systems are some of the best options for increasing shower safety, helping you enter and exit with ease.

3. Modern Aesthetic Appeal

For the past decade, minimalistic living has taken over home designs—including the bathroom. One way that homeowners are achieving this modern layout is by replacing their tubs with showers. Low-entry or walk-in shower systems create the illusion of more space, providing an open layout that’s easier to navigate and more aesthetically pleasing.

Ready to swap out your tub for a shower? Jacuzzi Bath Remodel of Arizona can perform tub-to-shower conversions at your home. Following the industry’s best practices and installing your new system with care, we’ll help you transform your bathroom into a space that better suits your unique needs. Contact us today for more information!

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