The Best Walk-In Shower Designs for Small Bathrooms

The Best Walk-In Shower Designs for Small BathroomsDo you want to have a walk-in shower installed in your bathroom, but you’re worried you don’t have enough space? You’re not alone. The average size of a full bathroom in the United States is about 40 square feet, which doesn’t give you much room to work with. Fortunately, if you want to maximize your space, a walk-in shower may be the best bathing solution for you. Walk-in showers make bathrooms appear larger—even when they’re on the smaller side. That’s because showers are much more open than bathtubs or bathtub and shower combinations, and they take up much less space.

Here are a few walk-in shower designs that can help you transform the bathroom in your home.

Walk-In Shower Designs: Tips & Tricks For Small Bathrooms

A walk-in shower can give your bathroom the upgrade it needs, but first, you’ll need to find a layout and design that works well for your space. Here are a few tips and tricks:

  • Take advantage of light colors. Pale colors, including white, make things bright, and they also help make rooms appear larger than they really are.
  • Include built-in storage in your shower. Your space is limited. Shelves and cubbies will keep your shower floors from getting cluttered with bathroom products, and they can help you keep your items in order.
  • Install recess lighting. Multiple light sources can spread light throughout your bathroom, making it seem big, airy, and bright.
  • Consider glass walk-in shower doors—or no doors. Being able to see directly into your shower will help integrate your bathing solution into the rest of your bathroom, giving the illusion of a larger space.

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