Bathroom Safety Products for Phoenix, AZ, Homeowners

A beautiful white tub-shower combo with handrails in a beige-painted bathroom.When designing your home’s bathroom, our team at Jacuzzi Bath Remodel of Arizona considers bathroom safety and accessibility a top priority. We understand how crucial it is that everyone—including children, the elderly, and those with limited mobility—is able to bathe safely. Here at Jacuzzi Bath Remodel of Arizona, we offer a variety of bathroom safety products and accessories to minimize any bathroom-related injuries for homeowners in Phoenix, AZ.

Bathroom Safety Products We Offer

We offer a large variety of bathroom safety products for homeowners with different preferences and requirements. A few of the safety accessories we provide include:


Something as simple as stepping in and out of the bathtub or shower can be dangerous when surfaces are wet and slippery. Extra handrails and grab bars can help you maintain your balance and potentially prevent a slip or fall.

Seating Options

In-shower seating options such as built-in seating and freestanding seating can help create a safe and comfortable environment while showering or bathing. Shower seating options can help to improve the bathroom experience for those who have limited mobility or tire quickly.

Hand-Held Shower Heads

Moveable shower heads increase accessibility and range of motion so that you may freely move around your bathtub or shower. This is a great bathroom safety product to add if you have in-shower seating, as you can conveniently rinse off while sitting down. Hand-held shower heads also allow for less leaning over, so you are less likely to risk a slip or fall.

The Importance of Bathroom Safety

If you’re considering undertaking a bathroom renovation, you’ll want to keep bathroom safety at the forefront of your mind. Bathrooms are some of the most common places in the home for injuries to occur, no matter your age or range of mobility.

Bathrooms are often damp and humid due to the various water-using appliances that inhabit them, which makes for wet and slippery floors. This increases the risk of slips and falls, so you’ll want to be sure to invest in bathroom safety accessories alongside your new bathtub or shower. That way, you can feel more confident in the security of your bathing space.

At Jacuzzi Bath Remodel of Arizona, we are committed to safety and accessibility, which is why we offer ADA-compliant bathroom safety products and accessories. We are happy to work closely with you to design a space that features all the accessories you need to feel secure in your new bathtub or shower for many years to come.

A Spa-Like Bathing Experience Does Not Have to Sacrifice Safety

If you are ready for the freedom and independence one of our bathtubs or showers has to offer you in your Phoenix, AZ, home, please contact Jacuzzi Bath Remodel of Arizona today. We offer several bathroom safety accessories that can further enhance your bathing experience.

“The workmen were very friendly and knew what they were doing. We are enjoying our new walk in tub. Ensuring safety in our home is priceless.”

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